May 10, 2006

jan_wenzel.jpgPhoto-London, billed as “London’s first international photography fair,” opens next week, offering thousands of photographs for sale to the public. A preview of the show from the Times of London describes the breadth of the show, and includes a mention of the works of “lesser-known young photographers such as Jan Wenzel, a German artist based in Leipzig, who creates his pictures in an old passport photo-booth.”

A quick search revealed this bio of Wenzel, mentioning his “künstlerischen Arbeit allein dem Paßbildautomaten,” and another hit led to story called “Pass-Bilder: Die Fotofixkunst von Jan Wenzel,” an informative piece that also links to his recent book, Fotofix (or Fofofix, as Amazon calls it…)

I’ve never heard of Wenzel’s work before, and from the photos and descriptions I see, it looks fascinating and different than anything else I’ve seen. Time to add him to our Art section.

Photo: Jan Wenzel, “Interieur #3


  1. Jan Wenzel’s Fotofix book looks amazing! Great job bringing him to the attention of us photoboothers!

  2. 2

    Thanks, Brian — I’ve ordered his book and I’ll post a review of it once it arrives.