May 06, 2006

odile_marchoul.jpgOdile Marchoul, creator of the project she calls La photo-sculpture, has taken a photobooth photo every week since 1999. The photos, always in a set of four square, taken by a digital “Photo-Vision” booth, trace a remarkable timeline of subtle changes, daily moods, and life changing events, from getting a job to having a baby. As Marchoul writes,

it’s a project that i would like to inscribe in time & space, that will grow and change over the years. it’s a picture of my face, a face that is changing. in this project i consider myself as a living ‘subject’, a sculpture that is under construction.

The project has been archived in the Projects section. Thanks to JK for reminding us of it recently.

Photo: “vienna, 16.04.2003 wien-mitte, noon. I’m going to the airport.”

Brian | 8:09 am | Projects

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