February 06, 2006

sample_boomers_1.jpgThanks to a busy few weeks from contributor Ricky Romero, the listings in our Photobooth Locator for the state of California have exploded to a total of 28 booths, the most for any state we currently list. Ricky contributed 19 locations, nearly all in working order as of this winter, from Los Angeles, Burbank, Santa Monica, and other southern California locations.

In December and January, he visited Kmart 3699 in Apple Valley, Downtown Burbank Newsstand,

Boomers! in Fountain Valley,

Lucky Strike Lanes, The Downtown Standard Restaurant , Edendale Grill, Short Stop, Union Station (and again), Bay Arcade in Newport Beach, Golf ‘n Stuff (two booths), Paseo Colorado, Castle Park, Roller City 2001, Playland Arcade, (again, two booths), Café 50s, and Boomers! in Upland. Wow.

Our thanks go to Ricky for all of his hard work, and we encourage readers to submit more photobooth locations to our database, now containing more than 150 locations around the world.


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    The developing system probably has a dirty lint problem. It is best to take out the strip when it’s wet or bits of lint will be dried permanently during a short steam of dry heat, causing stratches on the photos when attemping to take lint off with your fingernail.

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    Hi, there’s a photobooth located in the Shasta Mall, Redding CA. I did take a pic of this booth and will post-it on my flicker page..

    Thanks for this site..It brings back many memories, although distant memories..Michael