January 18, 2006

Forbes reports on Photo-Me UK’s recent earnings report and the slump in their stock price that followed this week.

Photo-Me International PLC posted a 10 pct decline in first-half profit and warned full-year earnings will fall well short of market expectations after customers put off purchasing digital photo-processing machines.

Shares in the British company, which is the world’s biggest photo-booth operator, slumped as much as 35 pct to a two-and-a-half-year nadir.

Closer to home, Photo-Me reports that due to a series of delays, they “would not be able to supply leading US drugstore chain CVS Pharmacy with equipment this fiscal year,” a failure that made up the bulk of their profit shortfall for the year. Things don’t look great for the company right now — “decline,” “short,” “slumped,” and “nadir” aren’t a great way to be described — so what’s really going on over there? We’ll be interested to find out.

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    Mark Pike 

    Things haven’t seemed the same since Gary Gulley left. Anybody know what happened there?