December 13, 2005


Moments after spotting a new McDonald’s advertisement on last week’s episode of “Arrested Development,” I received a forwarded email from Dina via Tim, both of whom had either seen or been told of the commercial as well. Our network is strong and growing…

Screen captures and analysis of the commercial can be found on its page in the TV Commercials section; let us know what you think. Is it implying that your Arch Card can be used in photobooths? Do they realize their photobooth has two different prices on it? wants to know.


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    (the link in your entry goes to the passworded admin area rather than the publicly accessible page by the way)

    I think McDonald’s putting photobooths in their stores would be the one thing they could do to get me to set foot in there again. Who knows, I may even buy a coke to make change for the booth.

    I see what you mean about the shoe store look — I think it’s the fact that there’s a wide open space for no apparent reason, the grey carpet, and the row of chairs side by side that serve no real purpose.

  2. Thanks, Lewis. And I agree — photobooths would certainly be a step up for McD’s.

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    george s 

    The photo booth in the Mcdonalds clip was provided by Auto-Photo Canada Ltd.

    Note the top sign is in French.

    George Grostern

    Auto-Photo Canada Ltd

    1 800 663 6661