June 20, 2005


We have often lamented the lack of simple, properly-sized frames for photobooth strips. Someone could make a killing with a nice, clean frame that perfectly fits the traditional four-pose strip.

So it was with some interest this week that we came across a raft of frames on eBay, purpose-made for individual photos from photobooths. These classic designs, featuring reverse-painted glass and printed messages above and below the photos, date from the 1940s. The frames, many of which feature a period photo still inside, are made of glass and metal, and measure approximately 3″ x 4″. The items for sale include a frame with a floral theme, and frames with messages that include “Remember Me,” “Thinking of You,” “Long May It Wave,” “For Victory,” and “Victory” (at right). With a starting bid of $9.99 each, these unique, striking frames are sure to go.


  1. 1

    You do know about Whispering Willow, right? They’re not cheap, but they are nice.

    (I put their url in above for the sake of convenience, though I have no connection to them).

  2. 2

    Yes, thanks, Lewis. We are familiar with them, and they do produce nice work, but we’re still looking for something on the simple end, not much bigger than a strip itself. We’ll keep looking…