May 03, 2005

Real Simple - May 2005 - p103This image, found in the May 2005 issue of Real Simple magazine, takes the cake for the most ambitious faked photobooth yet. The booth is real, I do believe, but the metal delivery chute has been moved (in Photoshop) from the side of the photobooth mechanism (camera, darkroom), to the side where the subject sits. For this configuration to function, either 1) the person sitting for their picture will have to slip the picture in the chute (then step outside and retrieve it) or 2) the picture must be beamed via an as-of-yet undiscovered technology to the metal chute. Perhaps this is a booth from the future.

Also worth noting is the signage that was most certainly removed (again, with the help of Photoshop) to make room for the article title and lead-in.

The article gives 14 tips on how to look great in a snapshot. Some highlights include: how to avoid the dreaded double chin (keep below the level of the lens), avert a fake smile (don’t say cheese, think of something funny), and evade the evil red-eye (dilate your pupils by looking at a bright light).

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