April 05, 2005

sentinel_article.jpgIf Defamer thought the Times article was a buzzkill, wait ’till they read what the Orlando Sentinel has to say; let’s just say it involves comparing photobooths to “apple pie and baseball.” Titled “Back in the Picture,” the article in today’s Lifestyle section highlights some Orlando-area booths at Bar-B-Q-Bar and Eye Spy, and interviews the twenty- and thirty-somethings who use them. It also features words from Gary Gulley, once again, as well as Paul Kadillak, Babette Hines, and Nakki Goranin, “author of the forthcoming Photobooth Century: The History and Art of Photobooths of America.” Is this the book we’d been talking about, Tim?

The article mentions the requisite films (though it also manages to keep alive the myth that a photobooth makes an appearance in Parenthood, when it’s actually a photo developing stand) and gives a (very) brief history of the development of photobooths. Thank goodness we’re around to make note of everyone else making note of photobooths, that’s all I have to say.

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