March 05, 2005

Are we at critical mass yet? The Sunday New York Times for tomorrow (gotta love online access) will feature a big article on photobooths in Los Angeles, with words from Brett Ratner, Dave Navarro, and Gary Gulley — the usual suspects — as well as some news of previously unknown (to this author) booth locations. Read the story by Strawberry Saroyan (what a name; related to William? Ed. note: yes, grand-daughter) and see a few pictures; I’ll look for the print edition for some scans, as I bet there are more snaps in the paper itself. I spoke with Gary a few weeks ago and he gave me a preview of the Golden Globes appearance, though I forgot to do anything about it. 

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  1. Scans of Sunday NYT Fashion article

    I stopped by Nini’s Corner yesterday to pick up a Sunday New York Times. I guess it’s been awhile since I bought one, but $4.50?! Isn’t there a discount for day-old news, like Bruegger’s has or bagels? Anyway, to follow…