February 23, 2005

po_pears_booth.jpgLast week, another photobooth was sold at auction on eBay, this time for the sum of $1691.66. Before being sold, the photobooth was located P. O. Pears restaurant in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The description of the booth seems to make more of a deal about the item being from the “World Famous P. O. Pears” (which, according to their website, is a “Good Food & Good Time Saloon. A Lincoln landmark that has stood like a guardian over the intersection of 9th & M Streets since 1980. That’s two and a half decades of Burgers & Beer”), rather than the fact that it’s an old photobooth. It’s described as an “Auto-Photo Studio Model 14,” with serial #4320. I feel like photobooths are slowly making their way from five-and-dimes and restaurants in the Midwest to hip bars in Williamsburg and San Francisco. I wonder where this one will end up.

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