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March 04, 2011

We’re bringing to a close the series of updates to our Movies and TV listings sourced from IMDb’s keyword system with some mixed results: of the six items remaining on the list, only three seem to yield solid results. If anyone can find the photobooth in A Chipmunk Christmas (1981), Leave it to Beaver (1997), […]

Brian | 5:12 pm | Movies, TV
February 27, 2011

We continue to update our movie and television listings with more titles found through the magic of IMDb’s keyword system, and start with a film I’d never heard of, Now & Forever. Angela (Mia Kirshner) and John (Adam Beach) visit a photobooth in—what else?—a roadside rest stop, where she takes a sad strip of photos […]

Brian | 12:37 pm | Movies, TV
February 25, 2011

We continue our survey of movies and TV shows new to us thanks to an IMDb keyword search with a television show that sets a new standard: the earliest appearance by a photobooth in a TV show that we have yet found. Expanding the history of photobooths in TV to a run of more than […]

February 22, 2011

We’ll begin this second batch of updates thanks to IMDb keyword system with a great photobooth sequence from an ’80s horror omnibus film, Creepshow 2. If you’d told me I’d see—spoiler alert—George Kennedy and Dorothy Lamour gunned down in a roadside tourist shop in front of a Model 14 photobooth, well, I wouldn’t have believed […]

February 21, 2011

When I first began seeking out films and TV shows with photobooths in them, the Internet Movie Database was a useful tool, but I quickly exhausted the results I found from searching credits, and synopses (plus the fact that that Colin Farrell movie Phone Booth kept coming up as the first search result). As the […]

Brian | 4:34 pm | Movies, TV